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A tour that takes you through the city of Funchal and the Botanical Garden, a place of harmonious forms, contrasting colours and more than 2,000 plants.
The garden is divided into five main areas boasting indigenous and endemic plants exclusive of Madeira and other Atlantic islands; succulent plants original from South America; tropical, cultivated, aromatic and medicinal plants; the tree garden with species from the Himalayas and the tropics, and the Loiro Park, gathering some of the most exotic and rare birds from around the world.




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  • • A huge variety of indigenous, endemic, exotic, tropical and medicinal plants.
    • Coffee trees, sugar cane and tropical fruits' trees.
    • Exotic and rare birds from around the world.

Perfect for

  • • Taking photos.
    • Brushing up your knowledge in botany.
    • Having a calm and relaxing stroll.

Good to know

  • • Plants are labelled with their scientific name, common name and origin.
    • The Botanical Garden serves as place of leisure as well as a science and culture centre.

What's included

  • • If you want, we can pick you up at your hotel (Funchal only).
    • The garden's entry fee is included.



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Adult € 35,00
Children € 35,00
  • This activity can be cancelled and fully refunded up to 24 hours after making the reservation, given that there are more than 24 hours until the scheduled departure. After that period cancellation fees may apply.
  • You must be at the agreed location 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Check your digital ticket after the reservation is made for more information.
4.5/5 Rating
€ 35,00 Adult