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Visit to the city centre of Funchal, passing by the main historical attractions (Old Town, Market, Cathedral, Saint John Evangelist Church, Cruzes Viewpoint, Municipal Theatre, Municipal Garden), continuing through the main street, passing by the main Hotels, heading to Doca do Cavacas Bathing Complex, where there is a natural swimming pool of volcanic origin.



Old town







  • • Visiting Sé do Funchal, a XV century gothic cathedral.
    • A visit to the famous Lavradores Market, where all the scents, the colours, the flavours and tradition join together to delight those who visit it.
    • Doca do Cavacas Bathing Complex was considered the most desired natural swimming pool of this summer
    • Perfect introduction for first-time visitors.

Good to know

  • • The Lavradores Market (Mercado do Lavradores), was inaugurated on the 25th of November 1940. It is a witness of the New State architecture by the grandiosity of its conception and the intention to make it the great supplier of the city.
    • With a small but delightful area for sunbathing, Doca do Cavacas has direct access to the sea as well as fantastic volcanic pools.

What's included

  • • If you want, we can pick you up at your hotel (Funchal only).

Travel plan

  • • Old Town
    • Farmer's Market
    • Cathedral
    • Saint John Evangelist Church
    • Cruzes Viewpoint
    • Municipal Theatre
    • Municipal Garden
    • Doca do Cavacas Bathing Complex


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